Building upon our successful January 2014 show, with over 700 attendees, 25 seminars and two dozen exhibitors we are hosting our fall show the weekend of November 21-23, 2014 in the Lausche Building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Our new venue is three times the size of our previous show with over 50,000 square feet of exhibitor space, six workshop rooms for our speakers plus dedicated space for prepper groups to mix and network.

The north 2/3rd of the building features a 32,000 square foot prepper show with 150 exhibitors and over 50 emergency preparedness and survival skill workshops. The south 1/3rd of the building features a 200 table gun show in 15,000 square feet of space. It’s like getting two shows for the price of one. Ticket prices are $10 a day or $15 for a weekend ticket.

We are excited to offer this special event to help build the prepper community and raise awareness of the day-to-day challenges of preparing for all types of emergencies.


  • Educational Workshops: Enjoy over 50 workshops and seminars ranging from emergency food storage and preparation, off-the-grid energy sources, personal safety and unarmed defense training, communication equipment and urban homesteading;
  • National Exhibitors: Browse 150 exhibitors featuring emergency foodstuff, radio and communication equipment, alternative energy, holistic health, tactical gear, water filtration supplies, survival schools, and emergency shelters;
  • 200 table Gun Show: 15,000 square feet gun show. Shop for firearms, ammo, training manuals and books plus reloading supplies and more;
  • Prepper Networking: Dedicated space to mix and network with likeminded emergency preparedness community;

Join us for Prepperfest & Gun Show November 21-23, 2014

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